3D DIY House: Living Room

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Product Code:TY 1004
Product Name:3D DIY House - Living Room 
Package Size:18cm x 21cm x 6cm
Weight (Estimated):700g
Suitable for Age:6 years old & above
Cash Rebate Point:80
Delivery Time:2 to 4 working days
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* The colors of the actual products might slightly differ from the colors shown beside due to different screen resolution.

Product Description

Assembled Size         :16cm x 15cm x 13.5 cm
Product Material :Wooden frame, glue , timber, sandpaper & etc provided
Product Accessories:Cloth , plastic , fabric, silk paper, ornaments & etc provided
The package comes as pre-assembled kit which you will need to assemble yourself.
* Attached with (Mandarin version) instruction manual. English translation can be provided upon request.

- Nice décor and cute design.
- Nice gift for home decoration,collection or handcraft.
Inspire our creativity and the ability of imagination.
Cultivate our patience, carefulness and the feeling of success.
Enlighten and cultivate individual interest.
Enhance the interference between children and parent

DIY Process:
1) Read the instruction manual.
2) Prepare necessary tools, e.g. scissors and tweezers.
3) White glue is attached to a package.
* We recommend using UHU for faster drying.

Gentle Reminder:
- There are possibilities for the shortage of some accessories part due to the product is packaged manually by human worker.
- Normally, the accessories part can be found at arts and craft shop or replace with other material by creativity.
Customers are advised to purchase this product if you accept with the above-mentioned statement.